With Ability Locksmiths long history of design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of quality security products and services, we are able to offer total turn key solutions for any specialised Government Projects.


  • Qualified, Licenced and Insured Locksmiths
  • SCEC Approved Locksmiths
  • Extensive experience in all aspects of high security products
  • Specialised / customised design, manufacture, supply, install, service of quality Physical Custodial Security products
  • Safes/Key Cabinets/ and all high Security Products – Supply /Openings/Installs /Re-locations/Servicing/Modifications
  • Doors – heavy duty metal doors, standard timber doors, metal cladded doors
  • Master Key Systems
  • Windows – door viewing windows / panels, non-contact windows / frames/ voice transfer
  • Locks and Security Products – custom design, manufacture, install and maintenance of locks and security products
  • Customised Gates, Grilles
  • Other – general metal fabrication, general required locksmith duties

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